Awards Show & Auction

Watch the Bra-ha-ha Reconstructed

Categories & Awards  

Design and enter a bra that tells your story, shares inspiration or simply shows your creativity.

2020 Theme Categories 
  • Best Decade Inspired
  • Best Sport or Sports Team Inspired
  • Best Business Entry
  • Best Holiday or Seasonal Inspired
  • Best Beach or Island-inspired (2021 Gala theme)
  • Best School Entry
  • Best CRH Department or Staff Entry
  • Best Youth Entry (13 years & under)
  • Best General Entry (no specified theme)
  • Most Creative*
  • Best Craftsmanship*
  • AND NEW THIS YEAR: The People’s Choice Award!* 

Bra-makers are encouraged to display their bra art in local businesses, community organizations and homes throughout the month of October to help increase awareness about breast cancer screening.  

*All submitted bras are considered in these categories. 

Bra Drop off & Pick up 

Bra Registration Deadline 

  • Oct. 9 

Bra drop off 

  • Oct. 13th, noon – 6pm
  • Oct. 14th, noon – 6pm

Bra drop off is at the Lifestyle Health & Fitness Center. 

Bra pick up 

  • Nov. 12th, 10am – 4pm 
  • Nov. 13th, 10am – 4pm

Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation office 
113 Gainsborough Square, Suite 203
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Bra Entry Rules & Guidelines 

  • All bra entries must be created on a new 38C back-closure, underwire bra. All straps, front, back and sides should be completely decorated. Strapless bras cannot be accepted. Bras should not be sewn closed. The inside does not need to be decorated.
  • Bras should be well constructed, as they may be moved and mounted on various mannequins. Appliques and other applied objects should be firmly attached. Sewing is preferred, but strong glues and other mechanical fastening methods are acceptable. Tape is not acceptable.
  • Bras should be constructed of materials that are not perfumed, soiled, perishable, or in any way inherently dangerous. Please do not use food or any food products.
  • Bras must be constructed in a manner that allows for mounting or transfer to a display mannequin or worn by models. No backing panels or plaques are permitted.
  • Each entry must include a name tag with the designer’s name, contact phone number, email and bra name. Name tags must be attached to the interior of the bra or written on with a permanent marker. All bra entries must include a short paragraph/statement of no more than 510 characters describing the inspiration for the bra. If the inspiration paragraph is received after the registration deadline, the bra will be displayed at the Awards Show, but will not be included in the judging.
  • Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation reserves the right to keep all winning bras for promotional purposes. With the permission from the bra-maker at bra drop off, non-winning bras will be auctioned off at the Awards Show & Auction. Please bring a valid ID to retrieve your bra at bra pick up.
  • Bras that are not picked up by 6pm on October 31, 2020, become property of Chesapeake Regional Healthcare.
  • Judging: If the bra fails to meet entry rules and guidelines, we reserve the right to display the bra but remove it from the judging process.
  • Eligibility: The Awards Show is open to all original artworks. All entries must follow the Bra Entry Rules & Guidelines. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse to accept or display any entry.